Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 6 in the La Cambalacha house!

This is the wonderful Gabi in her performance workshop with Sean, Isaac, Steve and Ali
 Yvonne's birthday! After weeks of learning "diecisiete" (17)she finally had her "compleanos"(birthday) here surprised by not one but two cakes made deliciously by Nora (cake cutter in this pic) and Ronan(eyes closed in delight)! Robert watches on waiting intently for a piece while Steve, Jennifer, Isaac and Yvonne dig in!

This is our first workshop day lead by the oh so energetic Lore! We designed envelopes that we can put notes into for each other. I was surprised by the level of depth and sincerity the local teenagers have in describing their designs and their hopes to learn from and share with us! 

Today we had a 3 and a half hour treck up the mountains. After 'muchos' suncream slapped on and water bottles galore stored in bags and we headed off in the beautiful sunshine at 8.30 in the morning! With 17 strong and an adventurous doggie we took up a great pace, with a stop for smoothies and incredible views. Some nice steep hills and rocky paths kept us on our toes as we met many locals carrying huge bags of chopped up firewood along this endless path! After a delicious local lunch in Santa Cruz we grabbed a lancha (boat) back to our current home in San Marcos.  Spirits are high especially as our two very patient bag-less members finally got their luggage -only 4 days after the initial proposed time! Jennifer said she hugged her bag for 10 minutes and Steve said he is gona wear all his clothes!

Most imaginative fact of the day was won by Sean;
He dreamt he was a bowl of cornflakes!......surrounded by some hungry folk!

I shall post again soon 


  1. hi this is framalam
    the photos are great looks like ye are having great fun. Its great to follow what ye are up to .
    Happy birthday to yvonne !!

  2. Oh wow, this is great- I always wanted to see pics of la camba and the guys in action!
    thanks! i'll keep an eye on future posts.