Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wed the 23rd, The Couch, South Coogee

Once again its 6 am and I'm awake, don't know why my body doesn't want to sleep in over here. Went to a gig last night and had a munch before throwing earphones in to make me conk out but between the birds crazy noises, the wonderfully powerful wind and spose the need for a pee I'm up. So gona try doing something productive and actually get out of me just some of the events and wonders I have witnessed and been apart of so far in Sydney.

Hermitage Green I also blame you for my lack of sleep. Twice in two days I have seen ye play now and just a lil embarrassed but mostly happy ye remember me, coz wow will I remember you guys!
Each one of ye talented musicians-
from slidey, bangey, tappy acoustic guitars,
class voices,
the acapella (which has surprising info from wiki) ...ooh the harmonies, which are delivered in an almost regal or solemn manner (aah how to describe it!??) but make ya feel all warm inside,
the banjo!!
the harmonica...yup that's def making a come-
and what the what...feckin unreal bodhran.
Thank you boys!!
Heres a wee link or two...but hope people upload stuff from the Golf Club...special times..like when was the last time you bopped, cried, bopped and crippled over laughing at a gig! I def got my stamp on!
Baby on board is inspired by none other than The Simpsons...

Then they mentioned watching footage from the Dubliners singing The Auld Triangle...

The way they do their medleys is one of the most hilarious mixes..but you will just have to witness that in person yourself...
They seem to like to end on this one....feckin class..one of their own...The Golden Rule...actually can't find good link online so I shall give you Gibson

aah jesus...they're also educators!...

Ok so now it's cartoon time with Nikita...one of these days I'll actually mention something about Oz..but so far from a couch Adventure Time and Gumball are actually brilliant cartoons...mental sense of humour and wonderfully creative with their characters...and some of the voices - wow

K...must actually update on the beaches and artiness next time..x